You’ve probably seen fruit machines at your local pub or chippy and were attracted by the flashy lights and sounds coming from the machine. You may even have put a few quid in and managed to win enough to buy your mates a couple of rounds. But what if we told you that online slots are even more fun and could win you, even more, money absolutely free. Would that appeal to you? If you are looking to play video slots for free you should consider reading our free spins no deposit section before continuing with this article.

Furthermore, if you are located in Great Britain you’ll also be interested in reading our free spins no deposit Uk offer where we’ve listed a wide variety of trustworthy casino operators who have free spins casino offers for British players.On this page, we’ll cover the key principle of online casino games and the major differences between the ones you can find at your corner shop and the ones available online.

Let’s look at bit closer at some features!

Before venturing in an online casino it’s important to understand the different variation of the game you’ll choose. This may help you having a longer casino session and will perhaps increase your chances of winning.

The bet

When playing video slot online you’ll be asked to place a bet in coins or in credit. The bet is placed on the numbers of pay line you wish to gamble on. Per example, if the game you’ve chosen has 20 fixed pay lines and you’d like to gamble 1p per line, a spin will cost you 20p. Unlike the fruit machine at your local pub, you won’t need to put coins in for every spin you make. Instead at the beginning of your casino session, you’ll be asked to make a deposit from which each bet or winning spin will be deducted or added to/from your account balance.

The numbers of pay line and win ways

Each slot has different numbers of pay line which may vary from 1 pay line (for classic games) to 1024 pay lines and even more. The numbers of pay lines define the numbers of winning combination a player can get and are identified on the left and right-hand side of the reel. The pay lines can either be fixed or flexible. This always depends on the game you’ve selected. You’ll usually find images of the winning pattern on the last page of the paytable. The pay lines will generally pay from left to right, but some games like Starburst will also pay from right to left, this is referred to a win both way game.

The paytableUk Slots

The paytable is the information sheet that contains all the information you need to understand the game. It is similar but yet more descriptive then the information you’ll find displayed on a physical fruit machine. In the paytable, you’ll find a list of symbols used in the game and their worth. You’ll also get a list of all bonus feature which can be triggered and get detailed information on how to trigger them. Unlike physical slot, the online game provider must give players information on how much money they can win or lose. This is referred to as the maximum win amount, which is, in fact, the jackpot and the RTP. More information on the RTP and how it is calculated can be found below. Often players ignore the paytable and are attracted by the game’s graphics. But experienced casino players know that it’s always important to have a quick look at it before making the first spin. Experienced casino players also often find that by knowing the best-paying symbol of the game will deliver more excitement to it.

The RTP (return to player)

Knowing the RTP of a game is a benefit that only online slot players have. It identifies the theoretical house edge. This value is
always in percentage and is unique to each online video slots. Per example when playing a game with an RTP of 96.5% it means, for every £100 you wager you can expect to have £96.50 left. So, the house has an edge of 3.5% on the players. As a rule of thumb, beginner casino players should always look for games with an RTP higher than 96.5%. By playing these low volatility games they’ll possibly enjoy your casino session a lot more because you’ll win more frequently than if you chose a game with a lower RTP.

Scatters and Wilds

Not all games have Scatters and Wilds symbols in them and the role of these 2 symbols is quite different. The Scatter symbol will generally trigger an exciting bonus round like free spins or a pick and click bonus games.The Wild symbol can also trigger bonuses (depending on the game) but will generally substitute any symbols and give you a higher chance at winning big money. The Wild symbol also has a higher paid value in the paytable. They are different types of Wild symbols. Stacked wild, Walking wild, sticky wild (to name a few) which are only available in online slots and will be well explained in the paytable.

Game options

Players who chose to play online video slot will also have a lot more customisable options than the ones who chose to play in a brick and mortar casino. Some of the customisable options include background sounds, spin speed, graphic resolution and auto spin. Most online slots these days can also be played across multiple devices. You can find more information about mobile slots in our dedicated mobile casino section.

What is the difference between 3d slots, progressive jackpot games and classic games?

Online video slot can be categorised into 3 major categories, classic slots, which are similar to the ones you’ll find in land based casino and 3D slots which are specific to online casinos and progressive jackpot games. Regardless of the game you play, the key functions remain the same.

Classic video slots

Are an online version of the ones you can find at the pub! These games use classic symbols like BAR, lucky 7’s, cherry, diamond and lemon. These games can have different reel formation and various numbers of pay lines.

3D video slots

Usually, have superior graphics and animations. They also have great win animations and sophisticated bonus rounds and game mathematics which always appeal to casino players. The 3D slots are evolving quickly these days and in some cases may also offer progression features which are unique to each player. The 3D video slots are engaging and are the primary reasons why so many players sign-up to an online casino.

Progressive Jackpot slots

Are another reason why players chose to play online instead of life because the jackpots are much higher online. These games truly have the possibility to change your life very much like buying a lotto ticket except that they are more engaging and you don’t have to wait for days to know if you’re a millionaire. Some of the most popular jackpot slot available in online casino these days are Mega Moolah (from Microgaming), Mega Fortune (from NetEnt) and Joker Million (from Yggdrasil).

Jackpot SlotsProgressive jackpot games work as followed, for every bet you place a certain percentage will contribute to increasing the pooled jackpot. Progressive jackpot games are available in many online casinos. Some progressive jackpots are local, which means that only players who play in the same online casino as you will contribute towards increasing the prize pool. Some other progressive jackpot games are on a network which means that all players who wager on this game in any casino will contribute towards the overall prize pool. The network jackpot usually exceeds millions of pounds and are won frequently.

Are all types of games available in an online casino?

Absolutely! All casinos offer progressive jackpot games, classic games and 3D games. Many online casinos also offer classic casino games such has Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and video poker so you’re guaranteed to have a great time!
Online casinos generally offer games from different game providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, QuickSpin, PlayN’Go, IGT, Yggdrasil and NYX to name a few. The game providers integrated into the casino lobby are usually listed in the footer of a website. However, because a game provider is listed in the footer of a website does not mean that all players will have access to their game portfolio. This is because each provider has different country restriction and availability. A great news for British players is that most games are available in great Britain. However, Australian players may find that some game providers are restricted to them, this is the case for IGT.

Where to get started?

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If you are more cautious and would like to try online casino for free then our free spins no deposit section is right for you!