The Roulette is a classic table game that was invented centuries ago and is still very popular with casino players!

La Roulette is a 17th-century invention that has not lost its popularity since French Mathematician Blaise Pascal invented it. Originally played in casinos all around France it memorised crowd. Some casino players believe that in order to win at this game both luck and skills are required. But unless you are planning to be a professional player you don’t need to invest time in learning the martingale theory.

However, new casino player should understand the basic fundament and rules of this game in order to make a wise selection when playing it in an online casino. Knowing the different variance of this game could increase your chances of winning. This article will cover the basic principle behind a roulette game and explain to you how to recognise the best table. Let’s get started!

Are there different type of roulette games?

Absolutely there’s a lot of different roulette games but the most common ones are the European, The French, The American and la Partage. Online roulette games are simple to understand regardless of the variant you play. But, understanding the differences between each different type of game could improve your odds of winning. So, if you are planning to sign-up to an online casino and wonder which game you should play this part of the article is right for you.

The European version of this games is by far the most popular one because players have better odds of winning. Players can easily spot European roulette table simply by looking at the betting mat. A European roulette table always has one zero and 36 numbers. The odds of winning a straight bet on this game are 37 to 1. European Roulette has a theoretical RTP (return to player) of 97.30%. But this, of course, depends on the types of bet you place.


The French version of this game is very much like the European one, it also has one zero and the same payout odds and RTP. The key difference between the French and the European Roulette can be found on the betting mat. The French roulette will have an added oval shape part to it which can accommodate bets and always displays numbers in the same order as they are on the physical roulette. Some players prefer this version of the game and often choose to bet on multiple adjacent numbers.

La Partage is perhaps the most uncommon game in online casinos because the house edge is quite low. Because of the low margin, many online casinos have opted to not promote this game in their lobby. The table layout of La Partage is exactly the same as for the European game. However, players will be able to recognise it by its name. A great thing about playing La Partage is that players will be refunded half of their loosing straight bets placed when the ball falls on zero. The RTP of this game is set at 98.65%.

The American version of this game can also be easily found in both 2D games and live casino. Players will recognise it because it has 2 zeros, a single zero and a double zero. The presence of the 2 zeros means that the odds are slightly different because of the added number. Indeed, players who choose to play this variation of the games will have lesser chances of winning because the house edge stands at 5.24%. Players should also know that even if they have lesser chances of winning the payout on straight bets is exactly the same as for the French and European version of the game. So, it’s better to avoid playing this game if you can.

We, of course, don’t expect you to remember all the statistic we’ve listed above. To keep it simple, you should always look for a seat at a table that only has one zero on it. This is because you stand a much better chance of winning.

What types of bets can you place at a roulette table and what are the payouts?

Regardless of the variation of the game you’ve chosen to play here are they types of bets you can place.

High-risk bets.

They are 4 types of high-risk bets that players can place and players who claimed a casino bonus should only place these types of bets to complete the wagering requirement of an offer.

A straight bet: is a bet placed on a single number. Often players choose to place a few straight bets per spin, either on their lucky number, or their date of birth or the birth date of a loved one. Winning a straight bet will always award players 35 times their initial stake. Which means per example that a £2 winning bet will award players £72. Straight bets are considered to be risky and will generally count towards 50% to 70% of the wagering requirement of a bonus depending on how many you place and where you play. When placing a straight bet you stand 1 on 37 or 38 chances of winning, depending on the variation of the game you are playing. The martingale theory states that a good strategy when placing straight bet is to always double losing numbers especially if you are betting on hot ones.

A Split: consist of a bet that is placed in between 2 adjacent numbers. Winning a split bet will award players x17 their initial stake.

Zero split: Is a bet that can only be placed on American table and consist in a split bet between both zeros. In this case, winning players will be awarded x17 their initial bet.

A Street: Will always cover 3 numbers which are located on a specific row and will award winning players x11 their initial wager.

Medium risk bets.

They are 3 types of medium risk bets. Because these types of bet are considered less risky they will not contribute towards the wagering requirement of a casino bonus depending on the casino you play at.

A corner: is a bet placed in the middle of 4 numbers and will pay winning players x8 their initial bet.

A Basket: Covers the numbers 1, 2, and 3 plus the zero(s) it award winnings players x6 their initial stake.

A line: always covers 6 consecutive numbers which are located on 2 different rows. Winning a line bet will award players x5 their initial bet.

Low-risk bet

Are defined by bets that cover more than 70% of the table. These types of bet rarely count towards the wagering requirement of a bonus. They are however good bets to place for players who are cautious and have not claimed a casino bonus. Many players choose to alternate their betting patterns by placing a low-risk bet one out of 3 spins.

A dozen bet: always covers 12 numbers in a column and will award winning players x2 their original bet.

Low and high number bets: Consist in predicting if the next number the ball will land on will be a low one or a high one. Low numbers are any numbers between 1-18 or a high numbers 19-36. Winning a high/low bet will award players the same payout as odd/even or red/black meaning x1 their initial bet.

Odd or Even: consist of predicting if the next winning number will be odd or even and will award players x1 their initial stake

Red or Black: Is possibly one of the most popular bet and consist of predicting the colour of the next winning number. This bet is a low-risk bet because theoretically, players stand 50% chances of winning unless the ball falls on zero. Winning red or black bets will double up a player’s initial stake.

Can you play roulette for free?

Yes, you can! There’s actually 2 ways in which you can try this game of chance absolutely risk-free! Most online casinos will have a demo version of the game where you can wager fun money and test your luck. Another popular way that players use to try roulette for free is by claiming free spins no deposit required offer. Granted that it involves an extra step but it could give you real money to wager at the table.

A good strategy if you are looking to have fun is to used your winnings from free spins no deposit required offer and play them at a roulette table. Your initial bet should always include a red or black bet. This way you stand a better chance at winning some money back. You can also decide to play a straight bet on your favourite number for a better payout.

Players should keep in mind that not all casinos will accept bets on table games when wagering a casino bonus or with fund accumulated from claiming a free spins casino offer. So, it’s important to carefully read the terms and conditions of any offer you claim. If you are looking to try out this strategy you should make sure to read the free spins no deposit required section of the site, we’ve also negotiated exclusive free spins no deposit UK offer for our British readers so that they can maximise their casino sessions.